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In memory of Yehuda Frankel

Come learn how to transition from a state of "firefighting" to managing and planning for the crisis over the long term!

What does family organization mean?

This refers to the process that a family undergoes when they learn that one of their members is ill, which often results in turmoil. There are many technical tasks to be handled, and these are compounded by overwhelming emotions and uncertainty. At this stage, support in organizing and managing the various tasks can truly be a lifeline for the family. This support helps the family transition from reacting in panic to managing the situation more systematically and effectively.
This is where we step in to help the family learn how to organize the assistance. The principle involves planning and accompanying the family through a long-term crisis on one hand, and on the other, mobilizing all possible support forces without exhausting the family's and community's resources, while properly and suitably distributing the assistance to the family.

One of our tools is to appoint a family representative or what is known as a case manager, who manages the crisis and serves as the sole point of contact in relation to the family's organization efforts. (It is also possible to divide the management role between two central figures according to need.) This approach ensures that the support is coordinated effectively, allowing for efficient crisis management and optimal use of resources.
For efficient work, the "Family Mediator" needs to pay attention to:

1. Correctly Identify Needs

It's crucial to correctly identify where assistance is needed and not waste resources on unnecessary areas. Planning needs is a significant step where choices are made about how best to invest resources and energy.

2. Expand the Circle of Support Beyond the Immediate and Obvious Circles

Managing a family crisis involves structured and clear work, but it also requires thinking outside the box and creativity. Let's see how we can engage support circles, including people we previously thought were unavailable for various reasons. This expansion can bring new resources and perspectives that significantly aid in managing the family's situation.
Dear friend or beloved family member, feeling overwhelmed by too many tasks? Struggling to meet all the requests? Unsure how to proceed? You've come to the right place!

Our 'Family Organization Guide' enables you to efficiently handle your family's tasks and needs with relatively little effort!

Who is this guide for?
This document is a powerful tool for any family member, friend, or neighbor who wants to help a family organize the assistance they will receive during a period of illness. Here, you will find innovative and creative solutions. This guide brings you years of experience and insights from thousands of families!
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