In Memoriam

Yad Tamar Appreciates and Remembers

תמר זל

Tamar Lichtenstat

At the age of 54, Tamar Lichtenstat Z”L (nee Wasserteil) contracted cancer. After about two years, she had a relapse and fought the cancer again bravely for about six months, until she passed away. Tamar was a natural and dedicated kindergarten teacher and had worked as one ever since she finished her studies. She spent five years in Boston while her husband, Prof. Yechiel Lichtenstat, pursued his studies, and during those years, she also worked as a kindergarten teacher at Maimonides School. There too, Tamar instilled Israeli values in the children and their parents. When Tamar fell ill with cancer for the second time, she continued working at the kindergarten in Ramat Aviv even during her treatment days, all to not interrupt the holy work of educating Jewish children. When she was exhausted in the middle of a workday, she retreated to a side room, lay on the floor for a while, and then got up to work as if nothing had happened, without the children noticing. The parents of the children at the kindergarten were shocked to hear about Tamar's prolonged battle with cancer, when she could no longer come to the kindergarten in the last two weeks before her passing. Even during these two weeks, Tamar made an effort to guide the substitute teacher before the annual Hanukkah party, ensuring the right content and presentations. She didn’t survive to see the party. Tamar left behind her husband, three sons, a daughter, grandchildren, and many children and parents who were educated in values ​​such as how to treat “different” children and performing acts of kindness. Every year, there was a "unique" student in her class, sometimes a blind child and sometimes an autistic child.


Moshe Yehuda

בן מאיר אליהו ויהודית פרנקל

son of Meir Eliyahu and Judith Frankel, loved the nation and the land, and was beloved by his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

In his memory, the family organization department for cancer patients was established.


Aharon Menaged

1989 - 2013

A man of depth and good deeds, Aharon passed away from leukemia at the age of 24. He was a young man with inner depth far beyond his years. Even in the very early stages of his life, it was clear to see his search for free expression and his love for engaging with people, and giving to anyone in need. He sought simple and clear things, needing very little to be content. Always there when needed, always ready to help. Aaron was a true friend and a remarkable family man.

In his honor, the Rights Realization Department was established at the Cancer Support Center.


Modi Enav

2011 - 1955

Modi, son of Azriel and Bilha, was born in Tel Aviv. He lived in Ethiopia with his parents for 10 years and returned to Israel at the age of 11. He served in the IDF as a lieutenant in the Intelligence Corps. He earned a degree in Business Management from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After his father’s passing, he took on the management of the family businesses spanning the globe. Modi passed away in December 2011, leaving behind a wife and three children. In January 2011, he was posthumously awarded an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University for his contribution to cancer genetics research.

The Modi Enav Department for Cancer Patient Rights was established in his memory.


Sheila (Sarah) Cattan

1949 - 2019

Born 29 Tammuz 5709 – July 26, 1949. A dedicated family woman, kindhearted to everyone she knew and met. She passed away on 19 Tammuz 5779 – July 22, 2019.

In memory of Sheila – a beloved wife and mother, we established the Sheila Cattan National Support Center.


Shmuel Moshe Ben Yisrael

Shmuel Moshe Ben Yisrael Z”L loved the nation and the land, and was always attentive to everyone he came in contact with. May his memory be a blessing. With the generous assistance of the Morris family, Yad Tamar’s operations have been developed and advanced in the northern region of Israel, in memory of Shmuel, the family’s father.

Dafna Rosenne Singer

1968- 2020

Dafna (Dafi), daughter of Meir and Vera Rosen, loved people. She was an intelligent attorney, special mediator, mother and wife, and a true friend. As a child, she lived in Paris and Washington, the daughter of diplomats. She returned to Israel alone in order to enlist in the IDF, where she served in the Intelligence Unit 8200. She completed her studies in Law at Bar Ilan University in 1991 and was a managing partner at Weisglas Almagor Law Firm. She specialized in medical negligence and became one of the experts in the field in Israel. Dafi passed away on the first night of Chanukah after a brave and ongoing battle with cancer. She left a husband and three children. May her memory be a blessing.

Dafna was one of the founders of the Tamar Family model.

Why Yad Tamar?

Yad Tamar is leading a social, community, and consciousness change to the way we perceive support, as well as providing information and a safety net for families experiencing long-term medical crises and the community around them.

Yad Tamar expands the circles of assistance, connects various support organizations, and promotes collaborations.

Yad Tamar is based on a carefully selected volunteer network , accompanied by professional , personal, and sensitive guidance, with the volunteers always mindful of the needs, desires, and capabilities of the patient and their family.

Yad Tamar utilizes cutting-edge technologies to respond with heightened sensitivity, empathy, speed, and the highest professional quality.

Yad Tamar is involved in the development and implementation of innovative , practical assistance methods tailored to medical, social, and technological changes.

Your small click can change lives

The work of the Yad Tamar association is made possible thanks to the thousands of partners, volunteers, and donors who give of themselves to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families.
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