The Sheila Cattan Support Center

In memory of Sheila (Sarah) Cattan

Assistance Options within Tamar Family

Our National Assistance Center Services

The center provides assistance and support to cancer patients and their families:

Information Accessibility Services

The tiered support at Tamar Family

covers all of the different stages, from receipt of the diagnosis to achieving a stable and managed routine.
Medical Information
• Focusing on obtaining a second opinion and formulating a treatment protocol.
• Referrals to medical consulting associations.
• Clarification of entitlements
• Submission of relevant claims
• Consultation with experts and key figures at institutions
• Connection to assistance organizations
• Case Manager
• Training for crisis management
• Building a list of needs and a support infrastructure
• App for managing assistance
• When emotional difficulties arise, support conversations will be provided for the patient or caregivers.
Stable Routine
• Pampering packages
• Connection to assistance organizations: fun days, mentors, wish fulfillment
Stable Routine

A True Story from an Incredible Family

The Shalom family (a pseudonym for privacy reasons), reached out to us carrying the heavy burden of their father's prolonged illness. They were fortunate to have a wonderfully supportive environment, with all family members rallying around the patient devotedly. However, during this challenging time, tensions escalated between the patient's wife (from his second marriage) and his only daughter from a previous marriage, causing a growing rift between them despite their shared struggles. Accusations began to fly about the manner of care being provided and each side's level of commitment... Within the framework of support at Yad Tamar, two volunteer therapists were assigned to both the wife and the daughter, each undergoing a process with their respective clients to work through and understand the difficult emotions that surfaced, the other side of the story, and the complexities involved. Gradually, they began to reconcile and connect... Unfortunately, the patient passed away. However, to our joy, the wife and daughter chose to strengthen their relationship (supported by the volunteers accompanying them). The daughter emotionally expressed to us, "I cannot find the words to thank you for the support you provided during this difficult time. I do not take lightly the bureaucratic help you provided in securing pensions and rights that enhanced our ability to care for my late father, but above all, I am grateful that he passed away after seeing the good relationship that developed between me and S., and that I did not miss out on truly getting to know her personality and our ability today to cope with the loss together.”

Oncological patients of all ages, from all sectors and religions, and from across the country.

The most recommended option is to leave an online inquiry using the contact button on our website. It is also possible to reach out via our call center’s phone number, either by phone or by WhatsApp messaging. Emails can be sent to the office if needed at

provided to the family?

To determine the scope of assistance for a family, an intake process is conducted to assess the needs and capabilities of the family.

The process includes an initial introduction and mapping of needs, processing within the Yad Tamar system, and a proposal for a support framework.

A response is provided within 2 business days at the latest.

We require personal details to open a case, but we do not need a copy of an ID card or medical documents to provide counseling or assistance. Sometimes, we may request documents to provide the most accurate response for your case. All information provided is kept completely confidential.

Yes, the assistance is completely free for families!

Yad Tamar is a non-profit organization that primarily relies on donations.

Most of the patients come through the social workers at hospitals across the country or through acquaintances with

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