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Model for Community Support for Families in Crisis

Tamar Community

The world of families dealing with crises, especially medical ones, can become suddenly unstable and change dramatically. Most families struggle to manage and cope with the flood of tasks and the numerous burdens associated with their situation. Our goal is to change society so that families facing medical or other crises receive long-term, effective, holistic support within their communities.

Local Organizations and Authorities Where Yad Tamar Teams Have Been Trained

Assistance Options within Tamar for the Community

Establishing Community Systems


Orientation for professional teams

Establishment and support of community systems

Setting up municipal family support systems

Unique projects for crisis management

At Tamar Community

we aim to build a community network for holistic and systematic support for families during routine and emergency crises.
Strengthening Community Resilience
No family is left alone; residents of the local authority know that there is someone to help them in times of need.
Reducing Risk Situations
Reducing the negative impacts that long-term medical crises have on children and adolescents from families dealing with such crises.
Easing Burdens
Providing tangible relief from the burden placed on the desks of municipal departments such as welfare, education, health, and others.
Community Support Framework for Families in Crisis
Operating routinely and in emergencies as a mechanism to strengthen both family and community resilience within the authority.
Supportive Technological Tool
A technological support tool that allows for quick and efficient management and support of families in crisis, with an interface for municipal needs and support, providing updated information about the support networks.
Increasing Support Resources
Recruiting more volunteers, and strengthening the sense of purpose in their community.
Social and family support, along with community involvement, play a critical role in reducing the negative impact of crises on the family and enhancing the family's ability to emerge from the crisis in a beneficial way.
Challenges in the Field

Why is Tamar Community needed?

Community support plays a critical role in improving a family's ability to cope with crises and reducing risk situations.

A community framework based on volunteers significantly contributes to strengthening social capital, social cohesion, and community resilience.

Municipal systems lack the necessary resources and require mechanisms based on community forces.

Managing the required assistance involves understanding, strategy, work routines, and regular action so that we can assist in emergencies.

Authorities, community organizations:

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