Public Committee

Yad Tamar Public Committee

The committee helps the management of Yad Tamar to lead the organization towards the future goals in the coming years.

Why Yad Tamar?

Yad Tamar is leading a social, community, and consciousness change to the way we perceive support, as well as providing information and a safety net for families experiencing long-term medical crises and the community around them.

Yad Tamar expands the circles of assistance, connects various support organizations, and promotes collaborations.

Yad Tamar is based on a carefully selected volunteer network , accompanied by professional , personal, and sensitive guidance, with the volunteers always mindful of the needs, desires, and capabilities of the patient and their family.

Yad Tamar utilizes cutting-edge technologies to respond with heightened sensitivity, empathy, speed, and the highest professional quality.

Yad Tamar is involved in the development and implementation of innovative , practical assistance methods tailored to medical, social, and technological changes.

Your small click can change lives

The work of the Yad Tamar association is made possible thanks to the thousands of partners, volunteers, and donors who give of themselves to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families.
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