The Sheila Cattan National Support Center is going to the next level

We are moving to our new center so we can:

  • Serve more patients
  • Bring in more volunteers
  • Assist in more areas
  • Add more professionalism to Yad Tamar’s service

What do we need?

  • Computing systems
  • Management software
  • Volunteer training systems
  • Instruction materials for families

Volunteer portal cost: $48,000

Annual retainer cost: $25,600

Salesforce adjustment cost: $22,000

Training room cost: $7,200

Computing system cost: $1,800

Telephone system cost: $720

Call center desk cost: $360

Thank You

Checks: please send to:

Advanced Energy Capital
For Tamar Fund Int’l
1 Metrotech Center – Third Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11201
Attn: Jackson Lim

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