Tamar For The Family

Named after Modi Enav Z"L

Family support - for families of cancer patients

Variety of support services:

Exercising rights, emotional accompaniment, training for family organization and accessibility of complementary organizations.

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The basic stage

Know what your rights are

Recognize your rights + connection to databases.

The advanced stage


Practical help filling out forms. Remote support.

The comprehensive stage

practical work

Practical work with authorities and government ministries, including meetings.

• Includes – running a diamond model (can take place at any stage).

Tamar for the family - the goal

Support - Information - Safety Network

Every family that experiences cancer needs support, information and a safety net. Yad Tamar gives the family the holistic assistance so that they can operate their daily life with maximum peace and quiet.

What's the idea?

A family in crisis is experiencing a variety of difficulties. Some of the difficulties are economic and social and some of them belong to the feeling of loneliness of the patient and the family. A crisis situation requires almost immediately the investment of financial resources beyond what currently exists in the family budget.

Some families are able to meet the initial financial burden. Some though it is not. The longer the crisis period and the greater the need, the greater the economic difficulty. This is a pit. And the pit is deepening and threatening to swallow the family. No man is happy to be needed. The State of Israel is a welfare state, and therefore the law establishes many and varied rights of a person in various types of disease crises. Activities at several levels to exercise the rights of the patient / family in a crisis will result in the family gaining the economic and social resources it is entitled to by law.

In addition, we are aware of the high importance of giving to the family Unique tools for managing the family organization: The tools include, among others: a family representative (Case Manager) who helps to prioritize tasks and mobilize the most helping forces in a smart and effective way while utilizing strengths and activating volatility.

Yad Tamar's family escorts undergo special training in preparation for home visits and to promote the processes of accompanying and assisting the family in an individual and coordinated manner. The process also addresses the difficulties in organizing family assistance for the applicant and his family and providing effective tools in this area as well, which are anchored in the Tamar model for the family.

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