The Sheila Cattan Support Center

Handling By The Relevant Team

After being diagnosed with cancer in my back I felt completely lost

That was until the angels from Yad Tamar came to my aid

“Thank you Yad Tamar! This is the essence of Yad Tamar: Giving families the tools they need to cope with the everyday challenges during an illnessillness, to help with all of their needs in order to give the patient the peace of mind to focus on what is the most important thing of all a full recovery.”

The Sheila Cattan Support Center

  • They took care of ensuring I would receive all of the benefits to which I am entitled.

  • They renovated my house so that I could get through all of the doorways.

  • They appointed my son, the soldier, as the point person and gave him the tools he needed to successfully coordinate my needs.

  • They connected us to an organization that provides transportation to the hospital in a handicap-accessible vehicle.

  • Most importantly, they were there to listen to and understand my needs.

  • Today, I have renewed hope and the strength I need to fight and conquer this cancer.

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