Embracing Together – Leaving No Family Alone

Emergency Family Case Managers due to the Iron Swords War

Israel is at war.

Many families need extensive help that is managed and organized. On the other hand, thousands of citizens are looking for ways to volunteer and help their fellow citizens who were affected.

On October 7th , the cities in the south dealt a severe blow and suffered many losses after groups of terrorists infiltrated the cities while simultaneously shooting rockets from the air. The residents locked themselves in their homes for over 48 hours, and since that Shabbat, the cities had not returned to their former state. 

Strategic Intervention and Emergency Services

The concept of resilience has emerged in the forefront of the national and local response to the ongoing war with Gaza- the ability to cope with trauma, navigate this period of emergency and overcome the immense challenges during and after the war with Gaza.  The nucleus of community resilience is broken down into three major components: leadership, trust and information.  With so much uncertainty and chaos, the Yad Tamar Embracing Together offers a holistic, organic system that integrates between the needs of the evacuated families and the solutions they need to receive, as well as transitioning back to their cities when the government deems it safe to return.

Through a comprehensive database and coordination with municipal leadership, social workers and community volunteers, Yad Tamar Embracing Together concentrates on the most vulnerable families– those who are suffering from severe trauma, family loss, or psychological distress, as well as families on welfare or are considered high-riskWithout a comprehensive support network, these families are more susceptible to marital issues, domestic violence, health related problems and neglect.  Yad Tamar Embracing Together addresses these issues before they deteriorate, creating impactful social investment for the long-term success of the cities in the south of Israel. 

Methodology – Case Management that Generates Circles of Support with a special app – Enola.

Sophie's story:

My house was hit by a direct missile on Sderot. It was a terrible trauma because of which my mother had a stroke. We arrived in Jerusalem with my mother and my 2 daughters after my husband was immediately drafted into the war. I was lost. I didn’t know the area and I didn’t know where to start.

Then Shir from Yad Tamar arrived and assigned me a case manager – Sharon. Sharon was no less than an angel. She helped me with transportation to the hospital for the mother, with an educational setting for the girls, with a babysitter, with filling out forms for the government offices, with shopping for clothes.

She gave me strength to face and stand on my feet.

I don’t want to think where I would be without her.”


Because help needs to be managed

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