Chairman and Founder - Micky (Michael) Wasserteil

After completing his IDF service, Micky Wesserteil founded NGO’s in a variety of public service fields, out of a feeling of strong commitment to the Jewish people.
Over the years, he has worked in close cooperation with the Prime Minister’s office and other government agencies. For clase to ten years, he managed the Israeli Center for Children with Cancer. Leveraging his medical, political and media connections, he then founded Yad Tamar to provide a wider range of medical and social support services for cancer patients of all ages.

Uriel Cohen Yad Tamar

CEO - Uriel Cohen

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration.

A resident of Yad Binyamin.

After years of working in the hi-tech field, Uriel decided about 22 years ago to move into the world of education and social action.

Uriel managed a number of non-profit institutions and in 2014 joined Lid Tamar as CEO and together with Mickey developed the current activities with the aim of easing the journey that families experiencing a medical crisis go through.

Yad Tamar Team

Uriel Cohen



Chairman and Founder

Chen Avraham

Operations and Service Manager

Orit Yulazry

Professional manager - community HUG

Bat sheva Lubling

Family HUG manager

Miryam Amsalem

Coordinator of the National Support Center

Elad Schnabel

Accompanying communities

Sharon Mozes

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