Yad Tamar’s Friends Forum

Yad Tamar’s Friends forum assists our organization to manage and conduct strategic plans for future objectives and goals throughout Israel.


This forum accompanies Yad Tamar with the following: 

The added value of that forum is that each member brings unique insights and expertise and covers multidisciplinary subjects.

Together we empowered the cancer families for healing and recovery.

פרופ מאיר חת

Professor Meir Heth

Age 85

Prof. Meir Heth is a Professor at the Law School of the College of Management. He has an extensive background in business, law and economics. He served as Chairman of the Board of Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries. Prof. Heth served as Chairman of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and serves as a Director at Ofek Securities & Investments and Psagot Ofek Investment House Ltd.
Prof. Heth serves as Director of The Jerusalem Foundation.

רמה עינב

Rama Enav

Age 57 Widow +3

BA in Psychology and has a Diploma in Psychotherapy. Group facilitation and advanced to Master Practitioner in NLP and Guided Imagery.

For 10 years Rama was the representor and human Rights Council of Wizo at the UN in Geneva. Upon her return to Israel, she served for three years as the national coordinator of the Women’s Leadership Program, which was also a partner in its establishment in the Women’s Advancement Division at Wizo Israel.

Rama is a member of the Board of Trustees of Schneider Children’s Medical Center and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Wizo College of Design, Haifa. She is also an independent businesswoman in real estate and investment.

Together with Yad Tamar Rama founded the Division for Exploiting the Rights of Cancer Patients in Israel in the name of her late husband Mody Einav.

יורם באומן

Yoram Bauman

Aged 64, married + 6 – lives in Tzahal, Tel-Aviv
Chairman of Publicis Group, Israel, one of the largest Advertising and Media groups in Israel.
One of the founders of the Advertising company , BBR Saatchi & Saatchi
2014-2016 – Founder and Founding chairman of the Israeli Soccer League Administration  )


Odelia Friedman

Age 49, Mother of 2 children and grandmother for 2 grand children

General Manager of the national Habima Theater for 10 years and chairman of the Dimona Theater voluntarily.

Education: BA in Accounting from the College of Management


ראובן אור

Professor Reuven Or M.D.

Age 65, Lives in Neve Daniel

Prof. Or is the Director of the research of the cancer laboratory for immunology and the director of the department of bone marrow transplantation in the Hadassah medical center. Prof. or is the medical manager of the Israeli Bone marrow donors registry and the umbilical blood bank. The preclinical research labs are being conducted by graduate and doctoral students on bone marrow stem cells and immune activity against malignant cells.

חוה בלום

Hava Blum

Married, two daughters, live in Moshav Hazav.

Owner and CEO of Havat Daat: design, develop and accompany strategic and management processes in global and multi-cultural companies. MID Master in Industrial Design Technion –Institute of Technology, Israel M.A. Applied Psychology – Northeastern university, Boston B.A. Sociology and Anthropology Tel-Aviv university, Israel

ג'פרי צביבל

Jeffrey Zwiebel

Aged 55, married + 4, lives in Kochav Yair
Director-general and owner of Orbell and  Cley-Or
One of the Initiators of LED lighting in Israel
Long-time volunteer in a number of organizations


מעיין צוויג

Maayan Zweig

Age 39 Married +3

Strategic, project management and consulting for social business development, social initiative, one of the founders of the association of small business in Israel, accompanying outside projects of empower Israel abroad.

Education: MBA, specializing in entrepreneurship / Swinburne University, Australia.

שמוליק ליסטנברג

Shmuel Listenberg

Age 57 Married +3 lives in Ra’anana

Real estate entrepreneur in Israel and abroad.

אודרי ליימן

Audrey Lyman

Married, mother of five and a grandmother to seven.

Audrey is a psychotherapist and marriage counselor, personal coacher and a parents counsellor. social activity: member of the leadership team of YASHFE-organization for the single members of the community. member of the managing counsil of Keren YACHAD- a social initiative to create financial garantee in case of death of a parent of minors.

אלי כהן

Eli Cohen

Age 55 Married +3 lives in Ra’anana

Founder and owner of Tal Trade Ltd.

CEO and owner of Henco Construction Company.

Loves to study Talmud and loves music.

ד"ר שי רייכנר

Dr. Shay Reichner

Age 35 Married +4 lives in Yad Binyamin

PHD in Economics and MA in Law studies. VP of business development at the Israeli Association of Community Centers (IACC) and experienced and strategic advisor.

Director at various organizations.

רועי אליקים

Roi Elyakim

Age 34 Married +1 lives in Ganne Tiqwa

CEO and partner in an aviation technology company.

Zedek Lagbas

Age 33 Married +1 lives in Savionim

A real estate entrepreneur specializing in projects of urban renewal in Israel and abroad.

ארז שליו

Erez Shalev

Age 43 Married +3 lives in Hod Hasharon

CEO and owner of Balance Consulting & Training Ltd.

A Senior lecturer, with extensive experience in the world of sales, service, leadership, positive thinking, etc. Erez has years of experience in training and development and empowerment of employees. Erez combined his wide experience of consulting businesses and organizations, learning the inside methods, enable him to produce outstanding skills and expertise of analyzing and identifying major critical key process and implement work flow more efficient.

נשמח שתצרו עימנו קשר

עמותת יד תמר

פסח שמח!

מרכז הסיוע הארצי יישוב לפעילות ביום שלישי בתאריך 30 לאפריל 2024, אנא השאירו הודעה וניצור קשר עם שובנו לפעילות. 

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